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About Denise

"I created this space to help you transition into a Holistic Lifestyle."

When my career in the Canadian Armed Forces was coming to an early end after 34 years of service; because of persistent Chronic Pain, Severe Depressive Order and Anxiety, I turned my passion into learning to love myself better, nourish efficiently and repair effectively.

Sleep was the first crucial step, if you have chronic pain then you know what I mean.  There is no such thing is catching up, 4 am fridge raids become nightly rather than occasionally.  Brain Fog from meds. My family didn't understand and my friends didn't either.  Weight gain, bloat, constipation, gut issues, deep depression, anxiety... yada yada

My journey to wellness continues everyday amid success and failures.  Aren't you tired of letting pain run your life? 


You should be.

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I completed an in-depth Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Program that dives deep into the

profound relationship between lifestyle, nutrition, and overall health focusing on the MIND/

BODY/SPIRIT approach to health.


I graduated with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and coaching skills, as well as business knowledge to begin working with You right away.

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